Cottage town

Borispol district

v. Gora

Contact phones:
+38 (044) 332 90 30
+38 (044) 501 73 45
+38 (095) 811 18 18

Our address:
The city of Kyiv, 31 Anna Akhmatova str.


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Welcome home!

What a life should be? Of course, there could be many variants of answer, but one thing is doubtless the perfect life begins with the right choice of a house. Territorially it should be located in that place, where forest air is the freshest and nightingales are singing, where you can get from the center of megalopolis without traffic jams and on a good road.

If you close your eyes and continue to dream, you can imagine an ideal place without municipal problems. There are always clean spring water, systems of electric and gas supply work constantly, rubbish and territory around the house are scavenged. All these are not your own problems but of polite staff, who watch over that. Of course a house is a fortress. It is being guarded by professionals twenty-four- hours.

Let's imagine friendly neighbors who call you to play tennis or to swim in the pool...But first you are rushing to that place, where your heart is to your COZY, beautiful and comfortable cottage. And even any European would envy it! You breathe a fresh air with the smell of pines, admire fantastic view and tell yourself: Such a life should be!


You want to relax and have a rest after busy work, tear yourself away from a noisy city with its constant vanity and to enjoy the contemplation of nature. Even if you are an owner of well-furnished flat, you can not relax and have a rest completely. You can get into the traffic jam while getting home as you need to make your way through the whole city in order to get to own flat. Your neighbors can start a repair or invite guests exactly in that moment when you decide to lie on the couch looking forward to good rest. Isn't there any rescue from city noise and vanity even at home? Fortunately, there is a way out! These are cottages.

In order to build a good cottage, special knowledge, considerable efforts and cash means are necessary. For example, it requires to investigate geological conditions, to develop an architectural project before building the cottage. But how might that be if you can't build a cottage yourself or even don't want to? A good decision is to address to a firm, selling cottages near Kiev. Addressing to a company, which offers to buy a cottage, you get rid of lot of problems and receive a completed cottage, supplied with all conveniences. As a rule, cottages near Kiev are not built one by one. The whole cottage city is erected because it is more profitable both for the company-seller as its clients. When building cottages peculiarities of area are taken into account, entire architectural plan is developed, ways are paved and necessary infrastructure is constructed. Such cottage city is a dream of busy people, who want to have their own island of freedom and comfort.

Company-developer Park House Invest realizes the project and company ICC is a general developer. So cottages Park House are the best cottages, constructed of qualitative materials by professional builders.

It is easy to get to our cottage town near Kiev. Only 14 km on the highway Kiev-Boryspol and you are at home. Among other things it is safety to have cottages near Kiev. Our cottage town is guarded properly (CCTV, security guard), so you can have a rest with no worry and not to be afraid of danger of your children.

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